Where Am I?

If you saw the latest runway shows in Paris last week you might think we'd time warped into the 70s. Chunky heels and platforms, funky shapes and colors, and clashes of pattens all over! Burn your bras and drop some acid. Well, no, don't do that.But do check out these styles from Miu Miu...And Louis Vuitton...And Prada of courseWhat do you think?? Groovy? I'm personally not digging them. I prefer the silhouettes shown last season with nods to the 50's and 60's. More feminine delicate shapes.Though I will say that I'm glad to see more platforms on the runway again. New York fashion week would […] Read More

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Love and Paris

Internet connection sucks here... I lost my iPhone in Milan which had lots of pretty pictures to share with you :( but now I'm in Paris and I'm taking lots more photos! I'll be in touch soon... miss you guys!My friend Amita is here too (you know, the lovely manager over at the Louboutin boutique at South Coast Plaza?) so you know were gonna get into lots of trouble.Financial trouble... hahaà tout à l'heure mes amis!Get it? LOVE and PARIS?? hehe ;) […] Read More

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We’ve Got a Whole ‘Lotta Catching Up to Do…

Ok, so we all now I've been gone a ridiculously long time... But here's what I've been doing:So you all know about my China trip, and how I went there to make samples for my JLO and Harajuku Lovers collections. I was there for 2 weeks and then came home to rest for a week before going off to Paris for another week. I was then supposed to fly from Paris BACK to China to check on the HL samples to make sure they are perfect, since its a launch collection.The reason I went to Paris was for my cousin's wedding, funny enough, to a […] Read More

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