Better Late Than Never…

So I feel like a bit of a douche because I am SO late on this. I'm supposed to be your "insider" and I totally forgot to write about this! Shame on me.Anyway, some of you may have heard that the company I work for, Titan Industries, is re-launching the Charles Jourdan brand. We launched the shoes this last show to a pretty good response, though honestly- not what we hoped for. There are some REALLY great shoes but overall it wasn't what the launch should have been. Luckily though, they've taken action already and hired a new designer! Now THAT my friends, is inside information […] Read More

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I Think I’m Feelin’ Creepers…

No, this isn't another April fools joke. It's just that sometimes I get these feelings about trends. Sometimes I feel like they come out of nowhere, and sometimes I know they enter my brain subconsciously from all the shopping and research I do. THIS trend however... well, I'm just not sure.I know that Creepers showed up in men's ready to wear recently, but I don't think I saw them on women. I dunno, even looking at the picture above I can't help but think "hmmmm, I dunno" but a bigger part of me is saying YES! Maybe it comes from the men's oxford trend that I […] Read More

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