My Top 10 Favorite Oscar Dresses…

So I'm not really an awards show person. I find them boring and too long and I generally don't care. What I DO care about are the red carpets before the awards. And the red carpet of all red carpets? Well the Oscars of course! So here's a little list of some of my favorite Oscar red carpet moments...   Last year's red carpet was pretty awesome. I remember Lupita Nyong'o walking down in that BEAUTIFUL blue Prada dress and my jaw just dropped! That color! The way it moved... the headband! It was perfection. Her whole red carpet season was flawless in my opinion […] Read More

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Oscar Fashion Roundup

I'm not a huge Oscar watcher... in fact, I didn't watch the Oscars, I just watched the red carpet pre-show. I just wanted to share some of my favorite looks of the night with you. I have to be honest though, I didn't love very many looks. There were a lot of beautiful women, don't get me wrong! There just wan't a whole lot of wow.But speaking of wow- Mila Jovovich definitely wowed in Elie Saab. It was her first time presenting at the Oscars and she sure made a great first impression!I almost always love what Michelle Williams is wearing and last night was […] Read More

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Why So Big?

Ok so there's something I've noticed in the last few years that drives me INSANE! And now that I'm going to tell you about it, you're going to notice it (if you didn't already) all the time and you're gonna be SO pissed at me for pointing it out ;)What is it you ask? Celebrities wearing shoes that are at least a size too big on the red carpet. Or blue carpet. Whatever. WHY?? Maybe it's because stylists usually put the outfits together and sometimes the celebs don't try them on until the last minute? Still, weird. Especially when they're wearing the same brands over and […] Read More

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Met Cosume Gala… Best and Worst (According to Me)

So I like to leave red carpet/runway reviews to the professionals but sometimes, like at the Oscars, I feel sassy and want to tell you guys how I feel. Here goes.First? Well Gwen Stefani of course. She is so gorgeous it's stupid. And that husband of hers aint to bad. ;)Another favorite? Chloe Sevigny... Always stunning. I love that she's wearing a short dress. So cute. Cute shoes too!Oh... are these M.I.A.'s sisters?? What's that you say? That one in the middle is not a sister? WHAT? It's Alexander Wang?? Oops. Well whatever. M.I.A. looks like she's making the (pardon my vulgarity) "eat my box" […] Read More

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Oscar Wrap up…

Did you like my dress? ;)If you follow me on Twitter you know I was doing my version of live commentary throughout the entire pre-show on E! and the actual Oscars on ABC.Here's a recap of my Tweets along with photos and some extra thoughts :)Overall I was disappointed with the lack of shoes being shown, but the dresses were pretty amazing.SOME OF MY TWEETS:*Mariah Carey is DISGUSTING!!! Stop playing with your dress. Nobody wants to see your coochie!!! Jeeze bitch.*Zoe Saldana looks amazinggggg. So pretty ♥ *Dear Mrs Cameron... Eat a damn cracker.*I hope Mo'nique shaved her legs this time*@ryanseacrest you forgot to ask […] Read More

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