Louis Vuitton Gets a Case of the Fugs

What. The. Fug?Although the overall look is pretty cool, these shoes are a disaster. Who wants their feel to look 12 feet long?? I'm all for a sexy pointy toe, but super elongated pointed toes are never EVER flattering. Especially when paired with a little kitten heel. (Side note- the word "kitten heel" makes my skin crawl)Anyone up for some waterskiing? Yikes!What do you think??XOX […] Read More

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Impatiently Waiting for Miu Miu

EVERY DAY I've been checking Vogue.com to see if the latest Miu Miu runway collection had been posted yet. Miu Miu is my current favorite as far as shoes go and I haven't been disappointed... until... today.OH WHY MIUCCIA!? WHY?? Not so bad you say? It gets worse. ????I'm sorry and I HATE saying negative things about a designer I respect SO much and look up to immensely but I just don't have any positives here. I don't like the shape, the colors, the details.... I'm so confused!These ones are the worst! Putty/tan/beige??? A MULE??? Oh say it isn't so!Nobody asked you Sven.I need a moment. Am […] Read More

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Diapers Rule!

Yep. You read correctly... diapers rule. Well, they're ruling the runways at least. And maybe when I say diaper I really mean these shorts that kinda look like a slightly more flattering version of adult diapers.If I was a really dedicated blogger I'd go buy a pair of Depends and model them for you for a compare and contrast. It's bad enough googling "women's adult diaper" You see some freaky stuff.Anyway- see what I mean.... (Dolce & Gabbana) (Dolce & Gabbana)  (Dolce & Gabbana)(Jason Wu) (Balenciaga)(Balenciaga)(Prada)(Marc by Marc Jacobs)(I'm Just Sayin...) […] Read More

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Trendspotting- Peek-a-boo Shoes!

If your feet have been craving a peep show they're in luck. If the Spring runways shows are any indication of what's to come (imagine that) then vinyl shoes are all the rage!Dolce & Gabana's shoes were almost exclusively see through... These were my favorite and seemed to be the most forgiving for those with less than pretty toes...They're equipped with little toe shields!Macrame AND vinyl AND a woven heel/platform?? That's a whole lot of shit gong on. Imagine how foggy they'd get after a quick jog a-la Carrie Bradshaw. I always loved how she ran in her Manolos.Anyway! I digress... Missoni. Oh Missoni... These are cuckoo […] Read More

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Vroom Vroom!

Love them or hate them, Prada's latest runway shoes definitely make a statement. "I like classic cars." That or "Look at my fancy ass Prada runway shoes. Neener neener neeeeeener!"  Either way, they've grown on me since I started writing this post. First reaction? These are hideous! Especially the first pair. Yikes are we back in the 90's where I customized my flair legged Jnco jeans with flames going up the legs?? (true story) No thank you.But now I'm seeing them as definite art pieces. They're pretty amazing (except the first one that I still hate) I love the brake lights on the back.  The chrome heels... […] Read More

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