Ok, So I’m a Hypocrite…

So what. I never thought I'd EVER be into a stretch boot... I mean, EVER. But whadda know? I found one- the only one- I love. This is the Jil Sander boot that I was talking about. I got them for 80% off at Jeffery and they are absolutely the sluttiest/sexiest things I own. Hahaha!I have to tell you my embarrassing story though!I knew I shouldn't have, but I wore them out to dinner one night in NY. I figured I'd be ok since we were taking cabs.For some reason, I think we were trying to catch a cab, I was out in the street […] Read More

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Happy Birthday to ME!

What better way to celebrate getting OLDER than to wallow in self- pity and take myself shopping? HA.Just kidding... kind of.Ben took me to Marché Modern (yum) for lunch, followed of course by a visit to Christian Louboutin. Nordstrom is right next door to that so we popped in there for a quick second. I tried on a bunch of stuff that should have been cute, but you know- I was just having one of those days. You know the ones. Where you feel like a fat ass and nothing seems to fit quite right. There was an Herve Leger dress on sale for more than 50% […] Read More

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