Killer Custom Shoes…

So I was contact by a British shoe designer who makes the cutest custom shoes. You guys have to check them out! You can find her on Shoe Missy, here. She makes several ultra girlie styles and even one sequined style you can customize for yourself!These sequined ones are my favorite. How awesome, right? You can have them made with just about anything written on them. I love the idea of a personalized bride shoe. The ones in the pic say "Rock n Roll Bride". Very sassy.Now I just need to decide what devious thing I'd want written on a pair of shoes for myself […] Read More

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Sickly Sweet

What do you guys think about these crazy ass Dolce and Gabanna shoes?? Pretty nuts, right? I'm feeling like I'm over sequined footwear, and judging by the sales racks- so are most of you. But I feel like these are so nutso koo koo bonkers that they deserve to be in their own category. To lump them in with "normal" sequined footwear wouldn't really be fair. These babies transcend borders or some shit.I do however like the messiness of these sequins. That makes them sort of different and at the same time validates my trend forecasting skills. (I made a few JLO shoes with these […] Read More

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Testing, Testing…

So I wore them out last night. The sequins pants! I felt very rock n roll, as you can tell by the blackout eyeshadow and silly pose up there. I love them you guys, I really do. I got a lot of comments on them ranging from boys saying "Woah, what ARE those!?" to girls "OMG I wish I could wear those!" They're technically jeans with a little stretch to them. They have pockets and belt loops and everything! They're a bitch to sit down in, and if your thighs touch (mine do) they make noise when you walk- but they're totally worth it I think! […] Read More

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I’m Really Feeling Sequins…

Excuse the super slut pic, though if I'm being honest I kinda love it! HahahahaAnyway- ever since I saw those freaking amazing McQueen leggings I've kind of built up an obsession. Thank you for stepping in as usual Top Shop! I definitely got my sequin fix.I picked up this navy sequin bra, and a pair of black sequin "jeans" which I am planning to wear ASAP and will post a pic then. ;) They look very similar to the McQueens, I must say. And don't worry, I wont wear the pants and bra together.What do you guys think […] Read More

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