Guess Who’s Back…

Hello! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Celine- The Shoe Girl. I'm back to blogging after taking over a year and a half off. Wanna know what the heck I've been up to?? Ok, so... last time we spoke I was packing up my shoes and moving to LA (all my old blog posts are linked to this blog if you wanna play catch up). I moved in with my sweet friend Jena in the cutest warmest apartment in the coolest area. I had to downsize my shoe closet to a shoe wall, but it was totally worth it. Jena and I […] Read More

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Celebrity Shoe Closets

Good morning! Is it already Monday again?? Well hopefully this post will be a little pick me up.I LOVE me a good shoe closet ladies. Isn't it funny how that's actually a thing now? A closet specifically for shoes? Celebrities have made having one feel almost normal. I said almost.The closets seem to keep getting more and more extravagant and I'd bet the pressure to outdo the other girls is intense! It's like a celebrity home staple now. I think it just proves that the relationship between a woman and her shoes is a powerful one. There's something truly special about just the right pair, […] Read More

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Before I Go…

So I'm off to China to work on my shoes for the next 8 days (boooooo!) but I wanted to share something real quick! I've posted about my shoe storage before since many of you ask me what my closet situation is. Well, it wasn't pretty.Piles of shoe boxes...Piles of shoe storage boxes...Hot mess status.UNTIL! Ben and I had a crazy idea...What if we made our home office into a sort of shoe room. (well my half of the office anyway)Well, we did it. And I freaking love it.TAH DAH!! Yay!And with this post, I must go. My flight to China is taking off. I […] Read More

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Ahhhh Shoe Closets…

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the Louboutin boutique to see how my friends were holding up after the massive chaos that was the beginning of their week. We got to chatting and I was telling them about my condo that just went up for rent again, and the massive 300 square foot shoe closet that used to be mine. The boys that just moved out of it were using it as a storage closet (gasp!!) but I'm hoping to rent it out to someone who will actually appreciate it this time.Anyway, I digress. The point is that I get lots of emails asking about where […] Read More

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A Shoe Storage Suggestion…

These clear plastic shoe storage boxes are my new favorite way to store my shoes. My old favorite way was my 300 sq ft shoe closet in my condo, but that is obviously not an option anymore.These are easy to stack and see-through, so it's easy to see what's inside without digging. You can get them in packs of 20 for $35.80 (or 1.79 a piece) which is a great deal! Please ignore the totally heinous shoes they photographed inside the box. They obviously aren't "shoe people".  […] Read More

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