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Did anyone go to Comic-Con this past weekend? I missed it this time, but seeing the latest from Phillip Lim reminded me of it and looks like something the chicest geeks would wear to the convention. I love kitschy graphic prints like this. They're so fun and fresh, and I always love when fashion is fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. I feel like this is in the same vein as Prada last year. Fun, bold and graphic...Phillip Lim didn't make any comic book inspired shoes (lame), but I went ahead and found you some ;)Nerd Queens on Etsy make custom comic heels like this...Black Milk […] Read More

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Trend Spotting: The Sneaker Wedge

I've noticed this weird thing about sneaker wedges. They're EVERYWHERE!!!!I think they're super cute but these Isabel Marant ones down yonder are over $600 which is kind of lame if you ask me. And since you're reading, I assume you'd ask me.I'm not one to shy away from spending some serious cash on awesome shoes but for sneakers?? Eeeeeeeeehhhh.... I dunno. Plus, I'm a little weary cause it kind of reminds me of the time I was really into buying Nike dunks. I bought some limited edition ones I found in LA and a pair in Japan that looked like they were made of unicorns. I wore […] Read More

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Sneaky Sneak.

So I busted out my Pierre Hardy high heel sneeks from last year. I've actually never worn them before today! I've just sort of contemplated them for the past year and today was the day I finally said... yes. Yes, I think I will.These are definitely the kind of shoes you either love or hate. I'm leaning towards love.You like?(tank and skirt- BP, shoes- Pierre Hardy) […] Read More

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I'm on my way and will have some new posts ASAP! Yippee!I'm in the airport lounge right now, waiting for my flight so I don't have time for a REAL post- but I want to tell you guys about an exciting new partnership for my company... we're going to be working with UES. You guys have to check them out- it's like, the only way you'll get me into a sneaker besides plain ol Chucks or some sweet Dunks. www.uesues.comAnyway, I'll write more about it later. I'm so excited to get home and get working on my new SECRET project. hehe.Talk to you all soon!!xox […] Read More

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