Shoe Regrets…

Do you guys ever have shoe regret? I don't mean shoe remorse where you buy a pair and then you're like, why the eff did I buy that effing shoe? I mean when you see an amazing shoe and you don't buy it for one reason or another and then it sells out and you're like, why the eff didn't I buy that effing shoe?Well kids, yesterday I scored a major victory against shoe regret. I purchased one of the shoes on my list! Yes, I have a list. Wanna see it? Well here's the abridged version ;)The sweetest shoe I've ever seen? Probably. Luella […] Read More

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Embracing My Dark Side

So I realize that I've taken WAY to long to post these babies considering how in love with them I am so for that, I apologize. Anyway- Today I jumped the gun on Fall... I just can't wait for colder weather I guess. It was an uncomfortable 80-something degrees today and I was regretting my outfit choice. Good thing I was in air conditioned rooms all day I suppose. ;)Looking at my pictures I now realize that this sweater isn't at all flattering so no need to point that out. Haha. I kinda look like a potato.(sweater-Brighton, leggings-F21, shoes- Christian Louboutin)These shoes make me want […] Read More

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I need your help so PLEASE vote over there --------------->I LOVE these Louboutins but $995!?!? Should I?? Money is kinda tight and thats a lot to shell out for a pair of shoes... but they're just so beautiful!!! Help please! Thank you […] Read More

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Better Late Than Never…

So I feel like a bit of a douche because I am SO late on this. I'm supposed to be your "insider" and I totally forgot to write about this! Shame on me.Anyway, some of you may have heard that the company I work for, Titan Industries, is re-launching the Charles Jourdan brand. We launched the shoes this last show to a pretty good response, though honestly- not what we hoped for. There are some REALLY great shoes but overall it wasn't what the launch should have been. Luckily though, they've taken action already and hired a new designer! Now THAT my friends, is inside information […] Read More

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Wanted: Honest Opinion Please

So I bought these Prada shoes at Barneys when I was in NY a couple of weeks ago and I'm torn... which usually means I should return them, but I'm just not sure. I want to know what you guys think? Do you like them? Should I maybe just exchange them for the black version?I dunno... I just don't have anything like them and I don't have any bone colored shoes. Hmmm. Help please. I've really been loving Prada lately by the way. Isn't it funny how one season someone just kicks ass and you're like- woah, where did you come from!? I got these babies on sale […] Read More

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