Morocco’s Inspiration

Hello friends! If you follow my Tumblr or Instagram you know I've been in Marrakech the past 2 weeks :) I was really inspired by some things I saw around town and in the market and wanted to share...The Marrakech airport is so beautiful... So much color and rich detail. It's so awesome to think that this is half of my heritage. But as beautiful as the city is, there is also so much poverty and it's so awesome to realize that my dad came from a small town in Morocco and built this amazing company I now work for.Anyway, let's see if any of these […] Read More

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Where Am I?

If you saw the latest runway shows in Paris last week you might think we'd time warped into the 70s. Chunky heels and platforms, funky shapes and colors, and clashes of pattens all over! Burn your bras and drop some acid. Well, no, don't do that.But do check out these styles from Miu Miu...And Louis Vuitton...And Prada of courseWhat do you think?? Groovy? I'm personally not digging them. I prefer the silhouettes shown last season with nods to the 50's and 60's. More feminine delicate shapes.Though I will say that I'm glad to see more platforms on the runway again. New York fashion week would […] Read More

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Stop. China Time!

It's that time again. Time to go to China and make some shoes!!If you aren't already, follow my Tumblr and/or Instagram to see my updates from Chinaland. Blogger is still blocked (LAME!) so those are my only ways of communicating with the outside world ;)I'd like to do another behind the scenes so if you guys have any more questions- please ask away in the comments section! I'll get email notifications still ;)Love you guys!!XOX […] Read More

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Working away…

I'm slaving hard, mixing sugar and spice and everything nice to make you the sassiest girliest shoes I can!!Here are some shots from my workshop in China... Be home soon. Can't wait!!Choosing materials is so fun and overwhelming! There are so many to choose fromThis is my fitting table. A shoe model comes in, tries on the prototypes, and my technician and I correct the lines and the fitting. :) Poor little rejects. I'm sorry you didn't make the cut! Leather colors and inspiration tears! My cork wall is my favorite.See you guys in a few days. I'm almost done. Hopefully I can share much more soon. […] Read More

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Marrakech, Morocco

My family and I were just in Marrakech last week, visiting family relaxing and of course, shopping. I took some pictures of the famous market that was as always, bustling with tourists. I only had my iPhone so the quality isn't great but you get the idea...There were snake charmers all over the place!! It was so crazy to see these dudes playing musical instruments to these cobras and they just sort of danced and stood at attention They looked fake until you saw them up close. Shops just filled with stuff. Stuff stuff everywhere!We picked up some olives to go with our dinner Jewelry and blankets and […] Read More

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