Oscar Wrap up…

Did you like my dress? ;)If you follow me on Twitter you know I was doing my version of live commentary throughout the entire pre-show on E! and the actual Oscars on ABC.Here's a recap of my Tweets along with photos and some extra thoughts :)Overall I was disappointed with the lack of shoes being shown, but the dresses were pretty amazing.SOME OF MY TWEETS:*Mariah Carey is DISGUSTING!!! Stop playing with your dress. Nobody wants to see your coochie!!! Jeeze bitch.*Zoe Saldana looks amazinggggg. So pretty ♥ *Dear Mrs Cameron... Eat a damn cracker.*I hope Mo'nique shaved her legs this time*@ryanseacrest you forgot to ask […] Read More

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Time to Go Again…

(my office in China)Well friends, it's that time again. I'm off to China tomorrow for a LONG two weeks. :(You all know that Blogger is blocked in China so I won't be able to post, so I've decided to schedule re-posts of some of my old favorites that you may not have seen. If anything exciting happens while I'm there I'll see if I can email Ben a post and have him put it up for me. I'm sure I will because I'm going to Shanghai for the first time and meeting up with my friend and Louboutin boutique manager Amita Singh and her hubby!! […] Read More

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