The Name Ugg Sure Fits.

Ugg-ly. Yuck. Please stick to natural sheepskin and stay away from this nonsense. Snakeskin printed sheepskin?? No, no, no! Now women will be wearing these as a "dressier" versions of their normal ugg-ly shoes. Comfort brands like Ugg and Crocs need to STAY AWAY from their versions of fashion. It never works!!!!!!(originally posted 10/2/08)**ADDITION**Can you believe that since this original post they've come up with even more UGGly and UGGlier designs?? Gross […] Read More

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Fendi: The Good, the Bad and the Fugly.

Oh Fendi... What is going on?Let's start with these amazing platforms. The good.These are siiiiiiick! I mean, don't try these at home kids... these have some serious heels (6.5 inches!!!) and even with a substantial platform, the pitch is super high. Yikes.BUT... thats why I love them. The higher the heels the closer you are to God, right? Ha!SWOON!The bad? Well, let's just say my grandma might like these. The color combo is kinda yucky and I haaaaaaaate these kind of heels. blah. Even though they are pretty high also, the curved heel is just so out of date IMO.The straight up fugly?? While granny […] Read More

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What do YOU Think?

Yes or No?This whole jelly craze may be getting out of hand. I'm ok with some of the cute jelly flats and heels by Melissa like these-But I just can't get into the weirder versions like these jelly boots by Givenchy. Eww.But what do YOU think […] Read More

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Please Don’t.

Ever. Stretch boots are no bueno.Thanks […] Read More

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No Thanks Stella…

I dunno you guys. Sometimes the whole sock boot is cute, but when it looks like this... I just can't back it. If I wanted to wear a damn tube sock in my ankle boot, I am perfectly capable of finding, and if needed, laundering said sock- then wearing it.What if I was feeling sassy on a particular day and I wanted to wear some mustard yellow socks. What if I don't like grey tube socks? What if my mother was abusive when I was younger and she would tie my hands behind my back with a pair of grey tube socks and make me watch her […] Read More

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