Decades Shoe Event!

Decades, one of my favorite vintage stores in LA, is having an incredible event this weekend and I knew you'd want me to share. At their Melrose location (8214 Melrose Ave.) they'll be handing out $500 gift cards to random shoppers who are among the first 100 people in line on Saturday.Seriously.No need to wait though because their online sale is happening AS I TYPE THIS, so get over there and check it out! You know that Friday is official Shop At Work While Your Boss Is Busy Getting Ready For The Weekend Day. Or SAWWYBIBGRFTW as I call it. ;)Enter code 15OFF for an additional 15% off […] Read More

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One Last Flat Post (For a While)

HELLO!! I've been in Mexico with my hunny bunny celebrating our anniversary so sorry for the silence. I'm back and excited for my spine shoes that are coming in any day now. They got stuck in customs but will hopefully be here Saturday. Fingers crossed!! I have the Emmys Saturday too so I'd like to have the option to wear them just in case I feel like being ultra fierce and perhaps looking like a tranny.You guys are probably sick of flats so I promise I wont post flats for a while after today. You gotta admit these are pretty great though. Do I look […] Read More

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Vroom vroom!

So I've always been a fan of classic cars but I've never owned one. I don't know anything about fixing them or anything but I cant help but love them. I'm looking into getting one for my next car and I'm super excited and becoming kind of obsessive.I especially love vintage Mercedes Benz's! They just don't make cars like this anymore...Such beautiful lines.I think my favorite is from 1969, though most of the ones from the '60s are pretty sweet.I'm imagining driving around in one of these and feeling pretty awesome. I also think the photo potential is pretty amazing ;)Till then I've done some […] Read More

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If it’s Not Brogue, Don’t Fix it.

So Christie and I went to meet Paramore before the No Doubt show- yes that was a few weeks ago, but I forgot to blog it ;) They were really sweet and the lead singer Hayley is adorable and happened to be wearing a beanie that Ben designed while at Paul Frank. Anyway, I broke out my vintage brogues finally! I found them while shopping for my first Betsey collection- you may remember the group I built around them (if you forgot check it out here) and I've been waiting to wear them.(top and headband- Urban Outfitters, jeans- Blank, shoes- Vintage, bracelet- Intermix)I'm an 8 […] Read More

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Ok, Ok… One More

One more group! This one is actually my favorite, but I decided to take it in a slightly edgier direction, so really... it won't look anything like this so I can show you guys. This is my Vintage Lingerie inspired group. Think petticoats, bloomers and garter straps! :)So right now I'm busting my ass trying to finish the REAL sketches for the Spring 2010 collection. I have to finish by Friday so I'm a little more than a little stressed. I'll make it happen though. And I'll keep you all updated. ;) […] Read More

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