Why So Big?

Ok so there's something I've noticed in the last few years that drives me INSANE! And now that I'm going to tell you about it, you're going to notice it (if you didn't already) all the time and you're gonna be SO pissed at me for pointing it out ;)What is it you ask? Celebrities wearing shoes that are at least a size too big on the red carpet. Or blue carpet. Whatever. WHY?? Maybe it's because stylists usually put the outfits together and sometimes the celebs don't try them on until the last minute? Still, weird. Especially when they're wearing the same brands over and […] Read More

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Heel Condoms?

A reader wrote me and asked me what I thought about heel condoms.Heel Condoms?? WTF? Never heard of it, so I checked out...So basically, Heel Condoms is a pretty good idea with a really ugly name.You buy these little shoe add-ons that slip onto the heel (like a condom... I guess?) and they transform your plain pumps into bright, fun shoes. I think a lot of them are pretty adorable, I just really HATE the name. I get that it was done intentionally, to get people interested or to shock people into checking it out, but it's really a turn off. When I think of heel […] Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! I love hanging with my family and pigging out. :) I also love the excuse to be cheesy and say what I'm thankful for. Not that I really need one...I'm thankful that I don't have shoes that remind me of a turkey. Sorry Givenchy, you got it all wrong. Or these scary beasts...I am thankful for shoes that use feathers tastefully. Like these by L.A.M.B.But more than that, I'm thankful for my health, my AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING husband, my family and friends (including all of you of course!) and my cutie little puppies that are trying really hard to reach the turkey […] Read More

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Sickly Sweet

What do you guys think about these crazy ass Dolce and Gabanna shoes?? Pretty nuts, right? I'm feeling like I'm over sequined footwear, and judging by the sales racks- so are most of you. But I feel like these are so nutso koo koo bonkers that they deserve to be in their own category. To lump them in with "normal" sequined footwear wouldn't really be fair. These babies transcend borders or some shit.I do however like the messiness of these sequins. That makes them sort of different and at the same time validates my trend forecasting skills. (I made a few JLO shoes with these […] Read More

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