X’s and O’s

Valentine's day was the day of the Betsey Johnson show, but it was also an excuse for dinner at my favorite restaurant in NY... Jane. I've yet to order anything that I didn't love!I love this sweet little multi colored pastel enamel heart necklace. I found it at Forever 21 and was shocked at how cute it was at such a great price!! (you may need to click on the image for better detail)I know I posted this in the last post but I love it so much... you get to see it again. ;)And as non-flattering as it is... this is the only photo […] Read More

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Betsey Johnson Fall 2010 Runway Show!

Sorry I'm so behind you guys... I'm so exhausted and SO glad to be home! :)So this Betsey show was super fun! I went early to meet up with Betsey and check out what was happening behind the scenes. Betsey told me she was going to be doing "something special" to some of the shoes and I was excited to see what it was!I got really excited when I saw Betsey putting together this mustache coat for her Alexander McQueen tribute.The runway before all the chaos...Betsey drew on some of the runway shoes! So cool! Special is right. Isn't this fun?? What a cool DIY […] Read More

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Pretty Please with a Bow on Top

Yesterday my friends and I had brunch and did a little gift exchange. Since 6 out of 8 of us were a size 6, I brought a pair of Harajuku Lovers samples that I love but never got made.I wore my favorite sweater as a dress and my new Yokoo Minnie bow in cranberry. I'm telling you guys, I'm obsessed with these. They make every outfit cuter. ;)They'd make really great holiday gifts and are totally adjustable so they'll fit anyone!(sweater dress- Betsey Johnson, bow- Yokoo, tights- bebe, boots- Harajuku Lovers) […] Read More

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Turning Japanese

I hope you all know about Yokoo by now. You definitely should.Well today I received my highly anticipated Minnie bows!! YIPPEE! Look how happy I am. I love them and plan to wear them as often as possible. The perfect girly addition to any outfit!(Thank you Yokoo for the added gift. That was really very sweet)Oh... What's that? You want to see my nails? You think they look amazing?Well hello Japanese nail art. I kind of love you. I got them done at this cute little place called Atlas Studio in Costa Mesa and I've decided that my nails will never feel whole again without […] Read More

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Back on the Chain… Gang

I impulsively bought this AMAZING scarf about a month ago after seeing it on little miss Tavi's blog, and I just received it last night (YAY!)So here's the thing... I'm not sure that I can pull it off?? I mean, it is truly amazing but I feel like I might look silly wearing it. Like I need to be a little cooler to wear it. ha ha ha. That sounds silly, but seriously.It was handmade by the talented Yokoo (check out her etsy shop!) in limited quantity so I figured I didn't have time to think about the purchace- I just HAD to have one!I'm […] Read More

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