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Hi! I’m back!!

Thank you for being patient with me while I took a little break to plan my wedding and marry the best guy ever! Here’s a post I started writing back before things got crazy…


I posted a throwback picture on my Instagram a while back and was kind of caught off guard by the comments. People really reacted to what I wrote and I realized that I wanted to talk further about what I said.

So this was the photo and caption-



I don’t know why I was surprised by all the comments from people saying that they were in that place in their lives now and that hearing what I said made them feel better. Others asked what I did to change my situation and I just thought I’d share.

So like I said on my Insta post, It was two years ago and I was in a really bad place in my life. After a series of failed relationships; one of which was awful and in the end, kind of scary, I felt like I would never find a man to live happily ever after with. I also found myself in a bad place with friends that judged me and talked behind my back. There was so much drama in my life that I felt like I needed to escape it all. I remember saying to my mom and sisters that I felt like I kept meeting loser guys and backstabbing girl friends.  I had a hard time because usually, when drama surrounds you it’s because YOU are calling drama into your life. Think about it- you and every girl you now says “eww I HATE drama!” But someone is causing it, right?

Laying by the pool on a family vacation, I told my mom and sisters that I needed a change. I’d outgrown my hometown and it didn’t feel like home anymore. I’d lived there for most of my life and although the thought of leaving almost every friend I had was scary, I said that I would see my lease through and if I wasn’t happier by then, I’d move to LA and try to find happiness there.

A week later I was back home and reevaluating my life and those in it. I distanced myself from some people and strengthened friendships with others. I started working out with a trainer and began running more consistently. Healthy body, healthy mind. I created a mini vision board and wrote out a list of what I wanted in my life. I decided that I was going to concentrate on those things and really go after what I wanted. Not everyone needs a partner in their life to make them happy and feel complete, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I am not one of those people. I love love and I love the idea of a long happy marriage and healthy awesome kids. Thats what I wanted… that’s what I asked for.

In June (about 3 months later) I met Jonathan. It was a series of random events- random dating sites and a mutual friend, that brought us together. It was really crazy how the Universe worked it out for us… Jon asked me out by getting my number through the one mutual friend we had (I’ve known said friend since birth basically- his parents grew up with my dad in Morocco) and he told me he’d pick me up and take me out in Laguna Beach even though he lived in LA. I was skeptical and not expecting much, but when he picked me up and stepped out of the car I knew he was different from anyone I had ever met before.

Jon and I fell in love pretty quickly and just like everything else, the timing was perfect. A few months after Jon and I started dating my lease was up on my place in Orange County and a dear friend of mine was looking for a roommate in West Hollywood. I took it as a sign and decided to pack up my life and move it to Los Angeles!

I’ve been here for over two years now and my life is in a totally different place. I have a new family including a big brother and sister, which I never had before- and the most amazing in-laws I could have ever dreamed of. No joke. I have an extended family in Jon’s amazing friends and their wives/girlfriends, and best of all my parents are moving up to LA too! It’s really almost too good to be true. Don’t get me wrong, in the beginning it was tough. Going from hanging out with my girlfriends almost every day to knowing only one person outside of my new boyfriend was really hard! I cried a lot and felt really lonely at times but all in all I’m much happier and am finally starting to feel like I’m “home”!

The reason I write this is because I want everyone to know how your life can really turn around in a very short period of time. You need to be open to change and to lots of possibilities. Laying on that beach in Mexico I NEVER would have thought I’d be where I am today. Seriously.

I also want to remind everyone that Instagram and social media only show the BEST part of our lives… it’s not reality! Everyone has hardships and rough times but most people don’t want to show it or talk about it. It’s just not as attractive. I often say “it’s not real life- it’s Instagram!” and thats so true.

I hope this was helpful or at least amusing, and I look forward to getting back to blogging :) Another thing that I didn’t think I’d be doing again. You really never know……




Stepping Into Spring

Spring has officially sprung! Don’t believe me, ask my allergies. I’m sneezing up a storm over here! But with the small negatives come tons of positives- warm weather, longer days, shorter skirts… and fun floral shoes!! Between sneezes I rounded up some of my all time favorite shoes that remind me of my favorite time of year. Hope you like them!


These Sophia Webster shoes are the newest of my perfectly Spring-y shoes. The butterfly detailing on the back is so amazingly dreamy. I also love the oil slick patient leather on the toe piece. Perfect perfect perfect! theshoegirl_spring_shoes_2015.002I love the floral print on these Givenchy sandals. Feminine and edgy in perfect harmony. The gold shark tooth closure is a real bas-ass touch.theshoegirl_spring_shoes_2015.003Ah Vivienne Westwood! Always timeless and flawless. I’m obsessed with these lace up floral booties! Great for a night out in Spring time.theshoegirl_spring_shoes_2015.004I miss my Cece L’amour line and being to design cute fun shoes like these floral wedges. Of course I’m biased but I absolutely adore these, even years later. theshoegirl_spring_shoes_2015.005These Etro sandals are pretty awsome. I found them in Florence a few years ago and just loved all the detail going on. The bold striped heel is a perfect contrast to the delicate floral printed upper. And who doesn’t love a good pom pom??theshoegirl_spring_shoes_2015.006Again, I’m biased- but these Betsey Johnson shoes I designed in my last collection for her are one of my all time faves. I love the classic Betsey floral print and the sky high heel. Sexy in the girliest of ways!


What are your favorite shoes for Spring??




The Shoe Girl Loves Ruby Stella!

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty talented and amazing friends in my life, and sometimes I think I take that for granted. I think I’d like to do some posts about just how awesome my friends are, starting with these two. So excuse me while I humble brag about my rad girlfriends.


These two babes, my friends Ruby and Stella are also two of my favorite jewelry designers! I love their stuff and I figured you would too.

The girls, like me, are following in their father’s footsteps (a seasoned professional jeweler with over 45 years of experience) but blazing their own trail. They make the coolest designs with the BEST quality- always using 14k solid gold and fully cut diamonds… meaning they’ll shine brighter than some other trendy jewelers that use diamond chips.theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.002

I’m a huge fan of their stackable, mix and matchable pieces. Whenever I see Stella she’s got a new combination of rings that look amazing! She takes them off and shows me how the pieces all fit together and how by just switching the placement or the combo of rings, you get a totally new look. It’s the coolest stuff, I swear! (Check out their Instagram @rubystella for all the different ways they wear their jewels)theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.003 Here are just a small few of my faves…theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.0041. 14k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet-  We’ve all seen cute evil eye bracelets but this one is my fave! The eyelashes make it for me

2. 14k Rose Gold Floating Heart Necklace- I LOVE this simple yet perfect heart. Perfect worn alone or with multiple hearts at different lengths like Ruby wears

3. 14k White Gold Diamond Curved V Ring- This is one of my favorites. Check out how the girls stack this with other rings to make totally different looks


Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed :)


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The Designer Wedding Shoes I DIDN’T Choose… And A Giveaway!


Someone via Twitter suggested that I write this post and I just loved the idea! There are so many beautiful shoes out there that I love and that I may have bought if I didn’t have the option to design my own. Here are some of my favorites…theshoegirl_designer_wedding_shoesI may be biased (my company designs and manufactures Badgley Mischka shoes) but in my opinion, Badgley Mischka has some of the most beautiful bridal and special occasion shoes. If you look up “Wedding shoes” some of the most popoular ones come from Badgley Mischka. These first two shoes are great examples of beautiful bridal shoes. The rhinestone one is perfectly detailed- not too much glitz, but just enough. The second is more delicate and understated, but still makes a statement. Its a classic.

theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.002

These two shoes are stunning! The Valentinos are basically my dream shoe, but they are no longer in production and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. In my opinion they should just keep making them season after season since it doesn’t really get much better than that. ;)

The second bow shoe is by Giuseppe Zanotti and is a little less traditional- but that’s what I love about it! It’s flirty and sparkly and oh-so-pretty. Also no longer available, but lovely none the less.theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.003I love the simplicity of the Jimmy Choo. It’s similar to the Badgley shoe I love, but a little more understated. The Miu Miu crystal heel is so dreamy! And paired with a glittery upper… its girly perfection!

theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.004

I bought these Loubs a while ago, knowing that they weren’t right for my wedding day (I want to wear an open toe style) but that I’d make them work for my bridal shower. They’re SO beautiful I can hardly handle it. I’ve been dying to wear them ever since I brought them home with me!


And then I remembered these shoes… These super limited, super sparkly, semi-famous shoes.

I designed these shoes with Adrienne Maloof as a special limited edition gift for magazine editors and some of her celebrity friends. Of course I grabbed myself a pair, but unfortunately they ran a bit large and they are too big for me. Unfortunate for me- lucky for you! If you’re a size 9 or 9 1/2 bride looking for her dream shoes that is.

They’re doing no good sitting here in my closet, shining and glimmering and begging to be worn, so I’d like to do a giveaway!! theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.005Just leave a comment with your name, wedding date, and why you want to win and I’ll pick a winner on Friday, March 20th! Please let your bride friends know too- I’d love these to go to a happy home :)

For an extra chance to win, check my latest Instagram post!  #theshoegirlgiveaway

Good luck!!!




Paging Dr. Hakakha!

This past Sunday, March 8th, was National Women’s Day and the perfect day to honor an amazing woman with some of her patients and closest friends, celebrating the third edition of her popular book, Expecting 411.

My future cousin-in-law, OB/GYN Dr. Michele Hakakha, MD, is a totally awesome rockstar doctor who just happens to have delivered the babies of some pretty famous (and beautiful!) moms. I got to meet some of them and we all bonded through our love of Michele. She is truly an incredible soul. And a total babe!

theshoegirl_famous_moms_party.001 It was a great party and I got to hear some really great stories about motherhood and giving birth and especially about what an amazing doctor and friend Michele is. We all laughed so much! It was truly a celebration of being a woman.



Michele gave me a signed copy of the book- NO, I’m not expecting (yet)- and I went to flip through it and found myself not being able to put it down! It’s really great and easy to read… as if you’re chatting with your very well informed BFF about what’s going on with your body before and during pregnancy. I’m looking forward to the day I get to read it for real :)




Entertainment Tonight was there and shot this little interview…



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